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Buy AJ and Nike copy sneakers online

Many sport shoes have been sold since last year. Sneaker fans are dazzling. Each pair is very “excellent” aBuy AJ and Nike copy shoes onlinend can’t wait to get it. Today we will look at some styles that are worth getting started.

First, the Nike / Trapeze Jordan “New Start” package

Shoe fans are not only interested in many new styles, but also have great feelings about the re-engraved version, so don’t miss it. The Japanese fashion godfather Fujiwara announced the
nike billig kaufen / Flying Man Jordan “New Start” set at the end of last year, indicating that the shoes will be officially released this year.

The Nike / Flying Jordan “New Start” series includes two-color sneakers: the Nike “Flying Start” and the “Flying Jordan 1 Retrohi 85”. Both pairs are dominated by red and white, giving you unlimited freshness

Second, clothes × Nike Air Force No.1 powder silk

This is the first copy since it was first released in 1985.
billig kaufen Air Max 2017 / Flyman Jordan’s “New Start” series is a great recovery from the original version and is definitely a big temptation for Olympic Organizing Committee fans.

Last year, Edison Chen brands CLEAN and NIKE released blue silk and jointly sold black silk with fragment design. Earlier this year, this Blood Clot x Nike Air Force 1 Powder Silk also joined the Silk Army.

I am from Putian, Putian. He has been in the sneakers and re-engraved shoe industry for six years. I love shoes and like to play with them. Lightly searched for 4 letter chat pieces: Yitianyitian dry goods are waiting! Star tide shoes and star players all have the same model. I want everyone here to buy good shoes! Rose pink is the main color of this “pink silk” shoe body, and the upper is made of silk.

The design of the shoe body is inherited from the design of blue silk and black silk, and the midsole is a design combining white with a raw rubber outsole and silk upper. According to Edison Chen at the Innersect exhibition, silk fans ”, and clothing fans continue to increase their enthusiasm to buy these shoes You

3, aerial swing Jordan 5 “burn”

Speaking of the “flaming red” of this aerial swing Jordan 5, I have to think of “Slam Dunk” Luchuan Feng or Michael Jordan. The timeless classic of countless sneakers will be welcomed again in 2020.

The body of this shoe is white, with shark teeth on the midsole. The combination of the red, white and red trapez logos highlights this high profile design.

At the same time, Blanco Jordan 5 “Red” returns to the 100% OG version. One of them is the heel design that embroidered “ billig nike air max “, one of the classic items that OG sneakers cannot miss.

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